Our Services

Home Based Care

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians provide comprehensive, convenient, continuous, customized medical services at the convenience of your home as well as facilitation of diagnostics and referral linkage aided by digital health solutions.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services
Our offerings include Telemedicine services to patients to consult remotely with healthcare professionals and Teleconsultation for Junior Physicians to seek advice from specialists.

Digital Solutions

We have developed a suite of digital healthcare solutions designed to enhance accessibility and quality of medical care comprising of an Electronic Medical Record System and a clinical decision support system.

Pharmaceutical Sourcing

Momona is involved in the Import and Distribution of essential drugs and supplies by sourcing high-quality pharmaceuticals to reach availability to healthcare providers and patients alike, addressing a crucial need in the healthcare ecosystem.

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Scope of Engagement

Momona Healthcare offers a range of services including outpatient home visits, emergency response services, health consultation and liaison services, telemedicine consultation, teleconsultation services for junior physicians, teleradiology services, Digital healthcare applications such as electronic medical recording (EMR), mobile health apps and platform, as well as pharmaceutical importing and distributions. 


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