Momona Healthcare is an innovative comprehensive healthcare institution that provides high-quality healthcare services to individuals and families in the comfort of their own homes. We offer a variety of healthcare services, including outpatient and home visits, emergency responses, healthcare consultations, telemedicine and telehealth, teleradiology, and pharmaceutical import and distribution services.

Momona Healthcare also provides digital solutions to help patients manage their health, such as online appointment scheduling and secure cloud storage for medical records.

You can contact MOMONA Healthcare through the available phone number displayed or you can go to Contact us page by clicking the link below here.


To visit in person at our office, we are located at Adwa Bridge, Côte D’Ivoire Street, Addis Ababa (ET) Ethiopia.
Dashen bank building 4th floor office no. 401

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To get started you can download our app from the home page or using the provided link below or you can just go to the login link on the upper right corner of this page or click the link below to create an account if you don’t already have no account before and simply enter your details and click on create account. 


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You can register to Momona Healthcare for FREE and get services that doesn’t require at no cost or payment.

However, In order to get services like homecare services and in app consultation services you need to pay per consultation or user a subscription fee based on your needs.

We also have various packages learn more at https://momonahealthcare.com/pricing

We have various packages depending on your needs please refer to our website or Get in touch

info@momonahealthcare.com or call us +251 704 93 63 44 or +251 901 98 44 98 to learn more about our services and pricings.

You can go to the following link to get much more information regarding our products and services. 

Get more information on Our Offers and Pricings  

Start by creating an account and go to Order & Subscribe Our Services

via the link here https://momonahealthcare.com/shop

We have various types of payment methods such as 

Bank transfer, Debit cards, Mobile banking, Payment gateways like TeleBirr and so much more!

We believe payment methods have never been easier to get on demand healthcare services with Momona Healthcare.

Payment methods have never been easier to get on demand healthcare services with Momona Healthcare!

You can book an online appointment with Momona Healthcare providers by creating an account then going to the page https://momonahealthcare.com/book-appointment and choosing your desired healthcare provider and available packages and pricings according to your needs from the available list on our website or on our mobile apps. For further information please visit our website and read the help/FAQ articles at https://www.momonahealthcare.com/faq

Additionally, you can also book an appointment by calling our customer services or by going to the page https://momonahealthcare.com/contact

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